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Sunday Studio Visit – #Makeforgood

Besides firing the kiln this afternoon, I have also been finalising my jewellery designs for this years Makeforgood campaign, a charity event facilitated by a partnership between Etsy Australia and Plan Australia to raise awareness and money for the brighter futures of the lives of girls in Cambodia.

The theme this year “creating brighter futures” so I am making a range of jewellery from brightly coloured handmade paper beads – a necklace, charm bracelet and earrings – which are repeatable designs, though the beads will always be a little different so that you are still assured a unique piece of jewellery.

I am donating 25% of any sales toward the campaign, and am on schedule to list my items in my ETSY shop tomorrow (Monday).

The hashtag to search Etsy for the full range of makeforgood items is, yes you guessed – makeforgood. This is a great opportunity to get your Christmas shopping finished early, plus contribute to an important campaign.

Meanwhile here are some work in progress pics to tempt you – for a good cause!

And cutting the paper for the beads 🙂 – have a great weekend!






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