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Exploring New Sculptural Forms

So, besides being busy in the studio with ClayMotion classes and the mosaic project with the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre, and keeping on top of my Etsy shop, I’m trying to also play with the development of some new sculptural forms – coz I have nothing else to do!!

PS – I also have a stupid slow computer that wants to keep shutting down which is why I didn’t post a Sunday Studio Visit last week – but of course it is working fine now as I type my draft for this post because it is 2am in the morning!!

Anyhows…. as mentioned this week I have been playing around with some new sculptural forms which are little more formal than my usual style of sculpture. These new experiments are much more formal in their design  and presence than my usual organic works. This formal and angular design also lends itself to handbuilding, which is a technique I have been growing to enjoy alot more in the past couple of years.

I am, however, in a quandary about how to glaze this piece …. currently I like the surface textures…. I was thinking of pit firing them which would mean burnishing them which would eliminate the surface texture. So perhaps an organic matt earthy style glaze…. or perhaps pit fired with only a partially burnished surface…. arrgghhh!! Thoughts?

Here’s some images of the sculpture from a variety of angles to inspire your advice! Thanks in advance 🙂

Day Four of Facebook Pottery Challenge

So, you probably already know by now that I am participating in a challenge on Facebook where potters are asked to post three pot pictures for five days and also nominate another to do the same each day – and I am also sharing these pictures with my wordpress readers – that’s you 🙂

I have been taking a nostalgic approach to this challenge and have been sharing pictures that reflect my development over the years… from my early self taught days through to my Honours Year at Uni.  This journey, I think, shows the development of my work over the years, but also illustrates the basis of my major influence – the natural environment. These posts show a movement from functional ceramic wares through to abstract sculptural ceramics while still capturing nature and all she has to offer, and in later work, what is in danger of being lost.

Today’s images feature my PhD works– 2005-9. The title of my PhD was Sacred Space in Contemporary Society: the Artist as Sharman, and can be downloaded and read HERE. This thesis was a natural progression from my Honours thesis which questioned the role of ceramics in the 21st Century. My PhD thesis asserted that sculptural ceramics installed in the natural environment – an installation – could act as a conduit reconnecting humanity to the Earth – an act that is required if we are to stop using & exploiting the environment. The research was framed within a feminist framework, exploring the patriarchy that has allowed the unstemmed growth of capitalism and exploitation. In this context the artwork was developed to sit within the landscape, not overpower and dominate, as does much modern patriarchal sculpture.

You can see more about my PhD research on this blog HERE and HERE 🙂

You can check out my original post on my Facebook page, and even follow me if you like what you see 🙂

Until my final post tomorrow….


New Solo Exhibition : Human Gridlock

New Solo Exhibition In Ballarat by Dawn Whitehand

Dawn Whitehand InvitationIf you are in or around the Ballarat or Melbourne area this weekend be adventurous & rug up to join me for the opening of my solo exhibition – Human Gridlock – this Saturday afternoon 26th July between 2-4pm. The exhibition is being held in ContainArt, and begins in Blowhard running till Mid August when it will then travel to Napoleons.

The exhibition features ceramic and mixed media installations, which are still being constructed as we speak!! Talk about cutting it fine…

Check out the invite or join the Facebook event page here:

The Facebook event page also features sneak peeks of works in progress for the exhibition and other updates.

For more information about the ContainArt project check out an earlier blog post I published about the launch of the project 🙂

Meanwhile here is the Artist Statement for the exhibition followed by some ‘work in progress’ pics – hope to see you there 🙂

May 1st is Buy From Women Day

Haven’t heard about Buy From Women Day? Maybe because this is the first year of its existence! Brainchild of Hannah Diamond from UrbanGirl Office Supply, the day is about celebrating women owned businesses AND buying from them! Since its inception the concept has grown beyond the dreams of it creator with over 1000 businesses worldwide participating.

The concept calls upon people to make a united effort to shop and buy from women owned businesses on May 1st – and it is hoped this will continue into 2015 and beyond. And in the 21st century to buy from businesses anywhere in the world is SSOOO easy! To help facilitate the idea Hannah has produced a ‘directory’ listing all the participating businesses, broken down into sections, such as Home, Jewellery, Art, etc – easy to locate interests.

To make shopping even easier the Urban Girl blog has a listing of shops that are offering special deals for the day – not an exhaustive list, so consult the directory – and my ETSY shop is on that list!!

To celebrate the day I am offering a 15% storewide discount in both my ETSY and MADEIT stores using the coupon code BUYFROMWOMEN at checkout – this is a fantastic deal – and for international buyers helps to cancel out the cost of shipping!! AND, it includes custom orders!

Now, while I have been sharing this all day on other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ , I know I am now posting this at 12.04am on the 2nd May Australia time – but if you live in Australia you have all day on the 2nd May to participate because it is still May 1st in other parts of the world! (Sorry I ran out of time yesterday)

As well as my ETSY and MADEIT stores I am also offering a 15% discount on some of my PIT FIRED SCULPTURES  (Plus postage). As regular readers will know I recently participated in the Lorne Sculpture Biennale and produced pit fired sculptures in situ as part of the show.  Now is your chance to own one of these unique abstract ceramic sculptures at a very rare discount rate! (there are 14 sculptures to choose from)

So, below is a little gallery of some of the products you can find in my stores…. so visit them and browse – remember Mothers Day is next weekend – what could be better than buying your mum a gift on Buy From Women Day!!

New Sculptural Artwork

This is the latest artwork to emerge from the studio: Pod.

It features three wheelthrown, manipulated, burnished and sawdust fired ceramic forms, woven into a pod-like structure made from willow, eucalyptus, bark and jute.

I love combining natural materials with ceramics,as they compliment each other so well.

A short statement about Pod:

Pod explores the natural environment, and via its interweaving construction the interconnection of human relationships and what they mean in the twenty-first century. The sculpture is made of small seed pod symbols made of clay fired in a pit dug into the ground and eucalyptus bark and small branches embracing the pods signifying the interwoven environment in which we live.

Dimensions: 66 x 16 x 9cm Price: $420.00 (any sales enquiries can be directed to my email address)

I hope you like Pod 🙂



Pod: detail

Pod: detail

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