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National Poetry Writing Month – NAPoWriMo

April is National Poetry Writing Month and I have been participating over on my Poetry blog where I publish a poem and a drawing inspired by the poem.

My poetry blog has been going for a few years now, but I haven’t published much this year, until this month – so hopefully participating in this daily challenge will get me back into a more regular routine!

Following is a sample of some of the drawings I have been publishing – but you’ll have to visit my blog to read some poetry!

Happy reading 🙂

Sunday Studio Visit – making stuff and the end of NaPoWriMo

A couple of things happening in the studio today – I have been making some plates using pumpkin leaves from the garden, and it was the end of National Poetry Writing month yesterday, so today is the first day I have not had to incorporate writing a poem and creating a drawing into my daily studio practice for a month – so this is something NOT happening in the studio today. You can check out my POETRY blog here for my efforts of the past month :-).

It has been a bountiful vegetable and fruit garden this summer/autumn season which I have shared previously HERE.

Currently the pumpkin vines are dying off, which means harvesting pumpkins, and also using these huge gorgeous leaves to create some ceramic plates. I made some using the entire leaf and pumpkin shapes, and others in a more traditional, though organic, shape using a partial imprint of the leaf. I also made some pendants and beads. Hopeully all of these effort will be available in my ETSY shop once I have glazed and fired them 🙂

Have a great week.


April – National Poetry Writing Month #napowrimo

April is National Poetry Month where poets from around the world write a poem a day and post it somewhere on social media – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, Tumbler, the choices are endless (although one could participate as a personal challenge and not share on social media, of course). The idea behind social media, though, is to network and connect, and also read some of the great work of others working in this literary space.


As regular readers may know I also have a Poetry & Drawing blog. It began as a poem and drawing a day blog, and after one year of posting I scaled it back to posting weekly. But in April I try to write daily for the National Poetry Month.

So far I have been successful in posting daily (despite extending my studio, which will be the subject of this weeks Sunday Studio Visit, so stay tuned)!

My poems are always accompanied by an original drawing by me inspired by the poem. The drawings range from abstract art to realism to digital art. I will leave you with a small gallery of drawings, and to read the poems that accompany them check out my Poetry Blog 🙂



My Poetry Blog and NaPoWriMo

What is NaPoWriMo you may ask?

National Poetry Writing Month… and that month happens to be April, which is this month!

So, over on my other blog I have been busily writing a poem every day – but of course because my blog is about poetry and drawing, I have also been creating a drawing everyday – pastels, wax, digital, charcoal, whatever strikes me at the time.

April is quickly coming to a close, and while it can be difficult to produce a poem and drawing everyday, what will I do without this new routine?

Readers of my poetry blog will know I went though this conundrum when I changed from writing a poem and drawing every day to once a week – which I did after blogging every day for twelve months.

It was during this first twelve months that I participated in my first NaPoWriMo challenge – I was writing every day anyway, so why not participate?

And much to my surprise at the end of the month I was listed in WordPress’s top 5 poetry sites for NaPoWriMo 2013!! An amazing feat considering the number of poetry bloggers out there in the cybersphere!

Anyway, back to the point…. I am participating again this year, after being used to only writing and drawing once a week, so it has been a bit more of a challenge to get the ‘routine’ happening, and no sooner have I perfected it (?) than the challenge is over :-/

Oh well!

For those readers that have not yet checked out my poetry blog, here it is:

Or, if you would just like to look at some drawings that accompany the poems here is a small gallery of images… more are on the poetry blog… enjoy 🙂


I made it to the NaPoWriMo 2013 Five Favorites

As some readers may know I have been participating in National Poetry Writing Month aka NaPoWrMo on my ‘other’ blog, along with thousands of other obsessed writers.
Upon waking this morning and logging on to my WordPress account I found that I had made it to the WordPress top 5 for the challenge – woop woop!
I think I may have bubbles tonight!

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