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Weekly Photo Challenge – Mother Earth

This weeks WordPress photo challenge inspired me as it combined those two wonderful words ‘Mother’ & ‘Earth’

The challenge is posited between Earth Day and Mothers Day, depending on where you are in the world – but regardless, it is a great theme, and one I must address.

In our current climate where politicians seem to continue denying climate change – or if they accept it, they have to implement policy that suits everybody (IE big business) – I struggle to feel positive about the future of the planet and my/our children.

Much of my ceramic artwork is informed by this atrocious dilemma and aims to draw the viewers attention toward the world climate crisis. My PhD thesis addressed these very issues – the climate within a feminist (mother earth) framework.

Within this context I am posting some images of amazing rocks found in Lorne, Victoria. The impressions on the rock faces are inspiring, caused by the ever changing cross currents within the bite of the area – they look so beautiful and organic, and I hope these images will inspire a rejuvenated outlook toward our precious environment, as is the aim with most of my artwork.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Locks, Keys, Knobs and Handles

Its been a little while since I participated in a photo challenge on WordPress, but this weeks topic on Cee’s Photography blog caught my eye – mainly because I like doors, and handles and locks and stuff, and the textures that emerge on these objects over time.

I went back through my travel archives for this challenge and found some pics from Sth Korea, Italy and France – enjoy!

Be sure to also visit other entries to this challenge HERE

Cee’s Black & White Challenge – Lights

Happy mid week!

Today I am participating in a black and white photography challenge with the theme of “light” being hosted on Cee’s Photography Blog. 

I think that light can be very dramatic in black and white, which is why I love old black and white movies – the lighting can add so much mood to the feel of the film!

The pics of the lamps were taken tonight specifically for this challenge and the overhead shot was taken a couple of years ago at a restaurant in which my son works. I am pretty happy with the shots, especially considering they were all taken on my HTC phone!

Anyway, enjoy my post, and be sure to check out Cee’s blog for more participant posts 🙂

lights_1_1 (1) lamp Dawn Whitehand B&W

Instagram Photoaday Challenge

Did you know I have an Instagram account? You can follow me HERE

This month I have been participating in a photoaday challenge on Instagram…. each day has a different theme, and participants post of photo each day with the appropriate hashtags so everyone can find the posts…

I’ve also been joining a challenge set by the National Gallery of Victoria – 30 days of creativity. I’ll post about that in the future.

For now, I am going to share some of the pictures I have posting for the photoaday challenge …check out my IG account to see them all 🙂

Monochrome Madness

It has been a while since I posted any photography, even though my camera is never far away! So today I remedy this oversight…

A fellow blogger, Leanne Cole, hosts a weekly photography challenge on her blog called Monochrome Madness. I have been intending to enter an image into the challenge for weeks – and have finally gotten around to it!

Dawn Whitehand_1_1

My image was taken on the Geelong foreshore about a year ago. I love textures and organic surfaces – as regular readers will know – so I couldn’t resist these barky trees, and monochroming them and upping the contrast has accentuated the textures even more.

Be sure to visit Leanne’s blog to see all the other entries for this week.

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