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Custom Orders – an update

Last Sunday I posted about some custom orders I was making in the studio …. so today I’d like to update you the progress 🙂

The yarn bowls and earring holders I had freshly thrown last week have now been turned (trimmed) and carved to transform them for their purpose.

And the previous Sunday Studio Visit I posted about custom orders I had for champagne flutes, mortar and pestles and cappuccino cups and saucers.

The update on them is that the mortar and pestle was loved by the customer, and the champagne flutes are in transit to their new owner in America. The cappuccino sets are bisque fired and in the process of being glazed.

As an aside, Hubby was getting a bit itchy and put in his own custom order for some oval tapas/condiment bowls. So, needing to stay in the good books as he does 95% of the cooking, I made a pair of dishes for him with the idea of testing shrinkage rates so that if he likes them I can make more.


If you would like to place a custom order for a unique handmade ceramic piece, just let me know here or as a message (contact above) and I can create a custom listing in my ETSY shop – too easy!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Custom Orders – an update

  1. those oval tapas dishes are great.. I wonder what colour you will choose for them

    Posted by Anna | August 20, 2016, 6:26 pm

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