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Sunday Studio Visit – more custom orders!

This week I have glazed , fired and delivered some custom orders which  I posted about in the last studio visit, and today I have been making more custom orders – yarn bowls and earring holders.

Yarn bowls are very popular at the moment, so while my custom order is for one bowl, I have made six so that I can list some in my ETSY shop. I made extra earring holders so that I can list them also.

When throwing multiples on the wheel I thrown on bats which makes it easier to throw a series of things, and also makes it easier to remove the thrown works without warping – warping is not desirable as clay has a memory, and during firing will often revert back to the shape it has been stretched into. This is because the clay molecules realign themselves into what they were – hence the memory.

Here’s a video of me throwing on bats – thanks to hubby for holding my phone during today’s throwing session 🙂

Hopefully, all things going well, I will turn (trim) what I made today and carve out the holes needed to transform the forms into yarn bowls and earring holders.

The end products will look like this:

And here are some pics of what they look now fresh off the potters wheel 🙂

Well, that’s it for today…. hope to catch up during the week 🙂




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