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Cee’s Photography Challenge : Doors and Windows

Today I am participating in a photo challenge posted on Cee’s Photography, a blog I have been following for a while.

This weeks challenge is doors and windows – both components have to be in the shot, and the challenge drew me back to my artist residency in France in 2010 where I fell in love with doors and chimneys!!

These doors are all photographed in Vallauris, a small town in the south of France famous for pottery… in fact it was settled (colonised) by the Romans because of the vast amount of clay available in the area. And this Roman influence can be seen in the medieval doors scattered throughout the town. While not all doors had windows, many did, as medieval doors had little spy holes, and I was amazed at the height of these doors – five foot nothing = Romans of the time.

So, onto the pics – enjoy 🙂

Cee’s Photography Challenge : Metal and Wood

Its been a while since I participated in a photo challenge. I do enjoy these challenges, but time usually gets in the way.

This week I am participating in a challenge posed by Cee’s Photography, a blog I have been following for a while, with the intention of participating! So here it is…

This weeks challenge is wood and metal, so I have some shots of fence posts on my property adorned with fencing wire and beautiful mossy growths. I love the texture and earthy colours of these images, and I feel they really reflect the rural environment in which they were taken.

I hope you do to! 🙂

Dawn Whitehand Photography_001

Dawn Whitehand Photography_002



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