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Sunday Studio Visit – Or Sunday Studio Visitors!

It has been a quiet one in the studio today…. there has been a bit of tidying up after the fray of the renovations, and I have fired the kiln with student works, but that is about it!


Although it didn’t happen today, I did get two mentions in the May Clay Blog Review under the headings of “Process & Technique” and “The Rest”. This review is a great resource for everything clay and I highly recommend checking it out 🙂

Apart from firing the kiln, the other cute thing to happen was our resident possum visiting the studio tonight. This area has been his territory for over  over a year now, and gradually we have been getting to know him, even while he was mating during Spring. We have been feeding him apples and carrots quite consistently for about six months.

They tend to have quite a large territory, so he is usually near us for about 2-3 days in a row, then he seems to be somewhere else within the property and surrounds.  We do however, know where he sleeps during the day…  so cute!

Anyways …. chat during the week 🙂

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