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Painting on Paperbark

As some of you may know I am currently living in East Bentleigh – temporarily. Although I originally come from Melbourne, I have lived the past twelve years in a semi rural environment, so my current location feels very different.Many suburban streets of Melbourne are lined with Australian paper barks, planted enmass during the 70’s probably as a reaction to European trees, and that Australian natives are low maintence, so easy for council, or so they thought.

Of course now we have tall trees interferring with telephone wires, climate change, drought and bushfires… hence trees are awkwardly trimmed enmass!

That aside, I am enjoying walking around the urban streets – with my dog, Eddy – and collection bits of urban emphemera, including bits of paper bark that have blown off the tree trunks.

So, I thought I’d have a go at painting on some. Below is my first effort – a watercolour abstract. I think I will experiment a bit more tomorrow.

Paper Bark Tree
Paper Bark detail

Urban Landscape: Watercolour on Paper Bark

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