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Sunday Studio visit – Mothers Day

Well, as per usual I am a bit late with the Sunday Studio Visit – but this time I have a REALLY good excuse : Mothers Day!

I am a family of three girls and I am the eldest. I have two boys who are adults now (yikes) 20 and 23yrs.  OMG I feel so OLD!

Anyways, Mothers Day was organised at a hotel halfway between everybody…. they had lots of beers on tap, which my hubby and boys liked, and my sister and her hubby, but I stuck to chardonnay – it’s Winter here: not beer weather!

The food was average, but that was made up with seeing my boys and their lovely girlfriends – who would have thought! And, of course, seeing the rest of the tribe!

But on Mothers Day it is all about mum – she is 75 this year and still very fit and would you believe still working! She and my dad were always small business people, hence my preference for self employment, and these days she runs a shop at my sisters dance studio selling all the dance gear students need, with lots of input into uniform and costume design.

So, on that note HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to mum and all the other mums out there 🙂



Art on Consignment

I have been banging on about this for years – my other favourite is when cafes are ‘generous’ to offer you ‘free’ wall space!! More like free art for their walls!!

YES it is time for a new business model within the artworld- and this article explains the issue extremely effectively through a great analogy.

Artists also need to pay bills and put food on the table – in case nobody noticed the days of art patrons are long gone!!


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