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Sunday Studio Visit – Bonfires and Jewellery Design

Evening all, it is freezing here tonight with possible snow expected, so I am keeping warm by reminiscing on the bonfire firing I did a couple of weeks ago. Every year around this time we do a clean up for the summer to reduce fire hazards during the bushfire season, and in the lead up … Continue reading

Sunday Studio Visit

I missed last weeks Sunday Studio visit – sorry about that, excuses abound – ummm Anyway this Sunday I am unpacking a bonfire tin saggar firing I did yesterday, and am happy with the results. It is Spring here in Australia, and living on a rural property means cleaning up undergrowth and debris before the … Continue reading

Sunday Studio Visit: Experimenting with Fire

**UPDATE** There are earrings and a necklace from this saggar bonfire currently available in my ETSY shop! Just in time for Christmas!! ūüôā Excitement abounds again this Sunday for your studio visit!! After last weekends pit firing I’ve caught the pyro bug and had to play with open fire again this weekend …. under the … Continue reading

Blackfiring: Saggar Bonfire

My most recent saggar bonfire was two weeks ago on the 16th November… we needed to clean up the underbrush from the property for the summer season, and whenever that happens I don’t pass up the opportunity to put some small works into the fire. I am very happy with the outcomes, and will be … Continue reading

Saggar Bonfire Firing: The Process and the Results

I haven’t posted for a little while: Christmas, New Year hecticness (if that’s a word- it is now). So, the following slideshow illustrates the process of a pyromania¬†exercise¬†I posted a little before Christmas: Living on a 10 acre rural¬†property¬†some summer bush fire¬†maintenance¬†was called for, so a burn off was the order of the day: as … Continue reading

I am not a Pyromaniac!! Just a Potter…

Last night I experimented with a small above ground bonfire firing in which I placed some hand rolled jewellery beads into an old coffee can used as a saggar. The following slideshow features some nice pictures of the the “fire”. ¬†Photos of the actual saggar bonfire process will be posted soon…

Successful Day in the Studio

So, regular readers will remember a saggar bonfire firing I did a few weeks ago: finally assembled the jewellery pieces that emerged from that firing today!! AND am very happy with the results ūüôā Of course photography is hard, but if you look closely at these pieces, some exhibit a slight “oil slick” finish on … Continue reading

Fine Art America Prints: you can buy them now!!

I have had a few images on Fine Art America for a little while now,¬†mainly¬†of my ceramic environmental installations and macro shots of the textured surfaces of my ceramic sculptures. Most recently I have added some images of “fire” captured during the saggar bonfire of jewellery beads I did just before Christmas. These images can … Continue reading

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