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Weekly Photo Challenge – Mother Earth

This weeks WordPress photo challenge inspired me as it combined those two wonderful words ‘Mother’ & ‘Earth’

The challenge is posited between Earth Day and Mothers Day, depending on where you are in the world – but regardless, it is a great theme, and one I must address.

In our current climate where politicians seem to continue denying climate change – or if they accept it, they have to implement policy that suits everybody (IE big business) – I struggle to feel positive about the future of the planet and my/our children.

Much of my ceramic artwork is informed by this atrocious dilemma and aims to draw the viewers attention toward the world climate crisis. My PhD thesis addressed these very issues – the climate within a feminist (mother earth) framework.

Within this context I am posting some images of amazing rocks found in Lorne, Victoria. The impressions on the rock faces are inspiring, caused by the ever changing cross currents within the bite of the area – they look so beautiful and organic, and I hope these images will inspire a rejuvenated outlook toward our precious environment, as is the aim with most of my artwork.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Mother Earth

  1. Very nice images!


    Posted by Galen911 | May 10, 2016, 12:56 pm
  2. great images… hard to choose a favourite… I wonder if whoever wins the next election will do any better for us on climate change…

    Posted by Anna | May 10, 2016, 8:21 pm


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