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Sunday Studio Visit

Sunday Studio Visit – Renovations and Birthday Parties

Today in the studio I am putting finishing touches to the new renovations in the studio, and having a kids 11th birthday party!!

I had to extend the studio due to increasing class numbers, and so my partner & I did this over the Easter school holidays. The extension is 99% finished, now it is a matter of re-organising my space, which is also about 99% done. The studio feels so different now, and is such a functional space for both classes and myself.


We built the extension using mostly recycled materials, which is great, not only for the pocket, but also for the environment – there is so much waste in the world – I love to re-purpose things in my everyday life as much as possible. More pics of the finished studio to come 🙂

The other happening in the studio today was a birthday party. As well as offering classes and workshops, I also offer birthday parties, corporate teambuilding, school holiday programs and pretty much anything to do with clay!

Birthday parties are always successful and a great alternative to some other sugar filled options. This party was for an 11 year old, and included twelve kids – it was pretty busy and noisy!! We made treasure boxes by hollowing out blocks of clay and painting them with coloured slips.

claymotion birthday parties

And after such a busy day I am now relaxing with a wine!! Oops. but I’m writing a blog post – is that relaxing!?

Dawn Whitehand ClayMotion

Oh well, have a great Sunday evening everyone 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sunday Studio Visit – Renovations and Birthday Parties

  1. I think a birthday party making pottery is an awesome idea! In the states many have parties at Chuck e Cheese, an overpriced video gamed place where nothing is learned except how to spend a fortune for 4 cents worth of trinkets. To actually make something…that is a celebration of birth. Too bad you’re so far away! I’d book my OWN birthday party with you!

    Posted by Claudia | April 25, 2016, 12:39 am


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