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I Just Had To Draw This Pumpkin!

So, I am not very “housewifey” – ask my hubby (but he loves that I’m not) – but come February and March I am in full housewife mode!

We have a huge veggie patch & fruit trees, mostly of which the hubby tends to, and then there is a deluge of produce! And the deluge is what I tend with!

It means I don’t get much art done during this period because all I can fit in is teaching my ClayMotion ceramic classes, preserving yummy organic produce and drinking wine!

So far I have made jam, bottled plums and pears, made prunes, apple chutney, spiced plums, squash relish, bottles tomatoes… and there is still more to come – kimchee, pear paste and fermented apples.

But sometimes there is also the inspirational vegetable that calls out to be drawn!

I couldn’t resist the colours of this gorgeous pumpkin … the contrast of the green and orange is so amazing! Not to mention the pumpkin’s beautiful contours!

So I will leave you with some images of my preserving pursuits and the pumpkin sketch.




5 thoughts on “I Just Had To Draw This Pumpkin!

  1. Just gorgeous, we also have a pumpkin on the bench and I have snapped it a couple times. The light in the morning. They are just so gorgeous, pumpkins, along with your penciled rendering of such!

    Posted by Jessie Martinovic | March 15, 2016, 5:34 pm
  2. well that looks pretty housewifey to me! How wonderful to be eating your own produce. Nothing better than home made jam or any other preserve really…

    Posted by Anna | March 15, 2016, 8:56 pm


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