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A Collaboration – Poetry & Sea Glass

Recently I have been lucky enough to collaborate with a January art challenge involving makers from the sea glass community. I was invited by Meg from MadebyMeg to participate in this exciting project, in its inaugural year.
The brief – to create art pieces inspired by a poem I wrote.

The brief for the poem from Meg was that it not be obviously related to sea glass or waves or oceans, but a bit more abstract.  The poem was to be uplifting and not obvious, though it could refer to nature in general.

So I set about writing the poem…. it was good writing to a brief, something I have not had much experience in, mostly I write for myself about my own feelings and experiences (as do most writers I suspect).

Whilst working within the parameters of the brief readers familiar with my poetry may notice some familiarities of course, this is only natural based on writing style.

And so here is the poem entitled Rebirth

the sun no longer wept
its tears cleansing the land
rivulets cascading gurgled
filling thirsty creekbeds
cracked furrows created over time
now bubbled sparkly bright
green sprouts battling dead earth
win and burst forth soft fronds
greeting the chirp of eager wings
flapping and remembering enthusiasm
while the long shadows of dusk
wait intrepidly for a new day

To check out the responses to the poem – which are definitely worth a visit – visit Meg’s WEBSITE. The responses were wide and varied from jewellery to two dimensional pieces, all using my poem and sea glass as inspiration, and were of such a high quality and exhibited a wide scope of creativity.

I must admit I had some favourites, and all were jewellery pieces so I may have been a bit biased – but then its all about personal taste, I guess.

I’ll leave you with a snippet of the works – over forty works were submitted, so be sure to visit the website to see all the amazing creations.




2 thoughts on “A Collaboration – Poetry & Sea Glass

  1. This was such a fun challenge. I knew with you being an artist and poet you would be perfect to help with this project. It is obvious from all of the entries that your poem was truly inspiring. Thank you so much, Dawn! I look forward to this being a fun challenge for sea glass artists all over the world for years to come!

    Posted by Meg Carter | February 19, 2016, 3:54 am

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