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Sunday Studio Visit

Sunday Studio Visit – custom orders and bits and pieces

Hope everyone’s New Year has been great  I am still trying to get back into routine, so a Sunday Studio Visit is a good place to start!

Today in the studio I am making two custom orders, plus a few beads for jewellery making, just for fun!

The custom orders are for an Etsy customer and for my hubby!

The Etsy customer requested that I make a pair of earrings based on a set that his wife loved, but which broke. Of course, I advised him that while I could duplicate the design and colours it would vary as the item is handmade and my interpretation of the original makers artwork may therefore differ – he was happy, so this is the resulting work in progress. The earrings have been made and underglazed while green, so once bisque fired they will need a clear glaze and jewellery findings attached. I am pretty happy with the results.

Dawn Whitehand

Whenever I have a custom order I always make multiples – pottery can be so unpredictable – so to make it less labour intensive to hand carve each piece I made a stamp which I used to duplicate the design on each bead. The bead was mapped out by hand and then carved into slightly hard leather hard clay. I used the stamp successfully while about 90% dry, but will bisque fore for future projects. Leaving it green will mean it absorbs water and if you are stamping a large quantity of pieces the stamp detail will deteriorate.

clay stamp

The other custom order was delivered by hubby who does 90% of the cooking. So, if he requests tapas spreading knives who am I to question? Of course having him make kitchenware requests is also a great way to experiment with different shapes, glazes and firing techniques.

clay 002

Well, that’s a wrap for today – see you during the week 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sunday Studio Visit – custom orders and bits and pieces

  1. I love the colors of the earrings!

    Posted by Claudia Anderson | January 14, 2016, 2:03 pm
  2. These look fantastic! I’m really digging all the ceramic earrings you’re doing lately. The tapas knives are so inventive too!! I’ve never seen that done in clay…fabulous work.

    Posted by artdoesmatter | January 22, 2016, 1:34 am

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