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Sunday Studio Visit: Bits & Pieces

I am a little late for this Sunday’s post – my son and his girlfriend came to visit (& are still visiting). I took pics of what I was working on on Sunday and began my draft post, but didn’t get it finished – so here it is 🙂

Today I am finished off more custom orders for ceramic yarn bowls! I just can’t seem to make them fast enough! I have never managed to list one in either my ETSY or MADEIT stores because they sell before I can get that far. Whenever I have a custom order I always make a couple of extras – but they sell before I can get them in the shops!

I think they are popular because they are larger than what is currently available online. The custom orders always come through as wanting to fit the large balls of wool in them, so the extras I make go like hotcakes too!

Valentine 001

I have also been playing with product photography today. My product photography to date has been on plain white backgrounds. This occurred because Etsy used to have front page treasuries, and to be featured on the front page was great publicity and helped drive traffic to your store. Treasuries with consistent backgrounds were often chosen for the front page, so most shops created their images using plain light backgrounds to increase their chances of being featured. But, Etsy no longer have front pages, so I have decided to experiment with introducing some styling to my images, to make then – hopefully – more appealing.

So, thats about it for this Sunday …. have a great week 🙂

By the way I also have a couple of specials in my shop:

Use coupon VALENTINE at checkout in my MADEIT store for 10% off storewide till February 15th.

Use coupon WANDARRAHSFRIEND at checkout in my ETSY for 15% off storewide till the end of February.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Studio Visit: Bits & Pieces

  1. I was throwing some today… how much clay do you start with? I think mine may be too wide.. will see how they shrink..

    Posted by Anna | February 10, 2015, 8:46 pm
  2. (a little extracurricular here..) Dawn..did you get my email? (I sent it to the wrong address the first time). PS Love the jewelry!

    Posted by Claudia Anderson | February 11, 2015, 4:48 am

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