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Sunday Studio Visit: An Actual Studio Visit!

Today I am recovering from an actual visit to my studio by approximately thirty people yesterday, many of whom are artists themselves.

My studio was part of a studio bus tour organised by Ballarat Arts Alive as a launch into a continuing program of bus tours to galleries and artist studios. There were three studios on the agenda – Paul Blizzard, Liz Blizzard and moi!

I was the last studio visit, and as with all pilot programs the timeline ran a bit behind. But, although a bit rushed, everyone seemed very interested and engaged, and appeared to have had a great day.

It was very relaxed and casual – I served some fresh organic plums off the tree, and a few people took up the challenge of playing with a bit off clay, and we just wandered around looking at things, like the pit firing pit, and after a short introduction I simply spent time answering questions. This suited me – I am good at answering questions, not so good at speeches!!

Anyway, enjoy the slideshow of the visit 🙂

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