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Sunday Studio Visit – Studio Cleanup…NOT!

Classes start in my studio this coming week – so it is clean up time!! But I am sure you don’t want to see pics of my messy all over the shop studio, so I will post pics after it is pristinely clean!! Plus my jewellery design room is getting a revamp thanks to the purchase of a new shelving TV thingy for my lounge, so the old one is going to my jewellery room for extra shelving – pics to come!!

So, apart from that let me share a photo pottery challenge that is been happening on Facebook – it has been happening for a while now, and involves artists sharing three pictures of their works a day for five days and nominating someone else to share also each day.

As it so happens I was nominated today, so i thought this would be a much more interesting studio visit! Of course it means a major scramble for images, and what I want to present & how I want to present myself – all very difficult!

I decided to go for the historical angle…. I have been ‘potting’ now for approximately eighteen years… therefore over the next five days I will be posting on Facebook a bit of a progressive view of my development over this time – difficult to do in 5 days, but hey!! I will also post these updates here on my blog – so stay tuned for five posts over the next five days!

It was Anna Marie who invited me to participate in #‎3potsadayfor5‬ so thanks:-) And here is my first nomination Mary Kaun English Mary makes stunning pit fired sculptures and appeared in my book Pit Fired Ceramics

The following three images are works I made between 1997-8 during my self taught pre-uni days. They are all wheelthrown stoneware vessels. I have always been inspired by the natural environment; back then it was a literal interpretation involving Australian wildlife. These days I still interpret the landscape through my ceramic artwork but it manifests itself as more abstract. I am hoping that these five posts on Facebook will capture the evolution that has taken me from literal to abstract…. I hope it will be interesting for you, but I think it will also be an interesting journey for me because I have never really thought about this evolution in such concrete terms – it could be the source of a whole new stream of inspiration!


9 thoughts on “Sunday Studio Visit – Studio Cleanup…NOT!

  1. Your designs remind me of ancient Rome…although I must admit I just watched two seasons of the HBO series Rome in two days! I really like the vase.

    Posted by Claudia Anderson | January 26, 2015, 12:59 pm
  2. Hi Dawn

    Would be nice to see both before and after photos.

    kind regards


    Posted by | January 26, 2015, 6:18 pm


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