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Sunday Studio Visit: Exploring Texture

This weeks Sunday Studio Visit is all about creating texture on the clay surface.

Yesterday – Saturday – my partner & I went down to the back of our property, which is a land for wildlife area, to do some cleaning up…. we have had some severe winds lately and quite a few tree limbs had been blown down. There are also a few dead trees from the years of drought we had a while back. And…. we are running low on firewood!!

So it was an afternoon of chainsawing and wood stacking…. what has this got to do with todays studio visit?? Well, I am one of those crazy types that examines everything in nature to look for shapes and textures, and came across a piece of tree limb which, when the bark was pulled away, had the most amazing patterns and textures eaten into the wooded surface…and it was the ideal shape for a rolling pin!!

Obviously, today in the studio I have been playing with my new pottery tool which was ‘made by nature’.

I have made a small group of vessels and a few rings to experiment with, and this – i feel sure – will be inspiring a new range of tableware which will be called the “Made by Nature” series…. stay tuned!!

Enjoy the pics 🙂



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