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Sunday Studio Visit: Playing with Product Photography

Product photography for Etsy & MadeIt

This Sundays studio visit is all about product photography….

As some readers may know I have online stores on Etsy and MadeIt featuring functional ceramic tablewares and jewellery. In these stores I have a clean uncluttered look which focuses on the product, especially in the main shop image. When a buyer clicks through to the product I do have shots of the bowls with foodstuffs in them, necklaces around necks and rings on fingers to give the product some scale and provide a more ‘real’ context for the potential customer. These images have previously also been on white backgrounds…. until recently…

Going back ten months…. In the lead up to last New Years Eve I took some images of a few statement rings within the context of dressing up for the occasion…. but since then had not explored the concept further.

Recently I have been thinking about re-approaching this idea, and have begun by staging some of my tablewares in a ‘real’ kitchen environment.

A limitation is the size and format of the images you can have on these online platforms…. for example MadeIt images fit into an exact square… I want to feature the product, so a fair bit of the background needs to be cropped out – the upside though means I need less of a clean kitchen….lol!!

Then there is the question of depth of field and which images look better? I’m not super happy with either of these images, so will do a bit more playing around with my aperture settings….

So thats about it for this Sunday – the kitchen has become the studio!! (I knew it had to be good for something)

I’ll leave you with some of the other in situ images i have been experimenting with…. have a great week 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sunday Studio Visit: Playing with Product Photography

  1. Plus picking the RIGHT contents…you know a lot about color and texture, but it’s got to be difficult to figure out cherries or peppers, a handful of berries or a handful of cereal. I guess that’s the joys — and stresses — of being artistic. BTW..I think you’ve made appealing choices so far…

    Posted by Claudia Anderson | October 20, 2014, 11:01 am
  2. I love them all Dawn! Your bowls look great with food in them. I much prefer to see ceramics being used rather than against the stark white. But I guess it works as that what everyone does!

    Posted by yvettedelacy | October 20, 2014, 2:31 pm
    • Yvette, I agree…. yet I think the idea of lighter backgrounds is so that the focus is on your product, and not the other props around it – so draw the buyer in with the uncluttered image and then hopefully they will get to see the other in situ images…. plus I do think that having lots of different shots with different props on a shop page does tend to look a bit cluttered…. but the jury is out – everyone has a different opinion! 🙂

      Posted by Dawn Whitehand | October 20, 2014, 5:20 pm

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