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Accessing Arts 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition

Ten Years of Accessing Arts in Ballarat

This post is a little late – the exhibition is finished – but I thought I would share it with readers anyway, as there was some great work in it. The post is late because I’ve been busy making so much art lately!!

Here in Ballarat there is a local community radio station 99.9 Voice FM and one of the weekly programs is called Accessing Arts and is hosted by Dave Knowles.  Dave invites local and visiting artists (visual, performing, writers, musicians), curators, arts organisation directors, and anybody connected to the arts scene, onto the show to talk about and promote their projects, exhibitions, classes  and anything else arty that may be going on in their lives.

This year the show has been running for ten years – one of the longest running radio art shows – and as a celebration local artist Kiri Smart curated a visual arts exhibition featuring artists who have appeared on the show over the years. I have been on Dave’s show several times, so was lucky enough to be included.

The group exhibition featured twenty one local artists across a diverse range of mediums – painting, sculpture, found objects through to photography and video.

It was a great show and was held at backspace Gallery, Ballarat and ran from 20th September through to 28th September.

So, thanks Dave for your tireless efforts in promoting local arts, and may there be another ten years to come!!


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