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Sunday Studio Visit: New Sculpture

I have been thinking about how I can be more regular with my postings on this blog instead of being a bit random, and have decided to start a themed weekly post, and if I do other posts in between all the better.

The theme I have decided on is a visit to my studio and they will be on Sunday afternoons. The posts will be about what is (or is not) happening in my studio on any given Sunday. So without further ado…..

Welcome to my studio…..

I am currently working on a sculpture which is as yet untitled. Made from handbuilt porcelain and barbed wire, the sculpture is a development evolving from my recent Human Gridlock exhibition. In that exhibition I had some ceramic spheres snuggled into barbed wire nests.

 "Space for Memories" $610.00 - POA for individual components of this installation or custom sculpture orders

“Space for Memories” $610.00 – POA for individual components of this installation or custom sculpture orders


I particularly like the inherent tension between the purity and fineness of porcelain and the harshness of barbed wire, so I thought I would experiment with developing this idea further.

The sculpture is almost finished…. I just need to do a final wrap around of barbed wire to give the entire structure more strength and think up a title…

I hope to then enter the sculpture in an upcoming competition… but that can wait for another post 🙂



Ceramic and Barbed Wire

Ceramic and Barbed Wire


2 thoughts on “Sunday Studio Visit: New Sculpture

  1. I love the idea of blogging your progress…and your thoughts. I am not an artist, so I enjoy your explanations of what you’re trying to achieve.

    Posted by Claudia Anderson | September 7, 2014, 9:40 pm

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