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Are you a Pinterest pinner? Iam!

I think I began pinning about a year ago, or maybe a little more, and began pretty obsessively – as is my want, or does that just happen to everyone when a ‘new’ social media app is introduced!?

These days (coz I am so mature now) I try to pin on a more balanced regular basis- which is good for my sanity and my physical health. (I won’t introduce trying to keep up with my WordPress reader here – LOL)

Anyways…this afternoon I decided to ‘look’ at the collections on some of my boards – and I must say I was (surprisingly) impressed!

As some regular readers may know I love abstract art, this being the main genre I use to illustrate the poems on my ‘other’ blog. And on visiting my Abstract Art board on Pinterest I loved it! It was surprising because, as users of this social platform will know, you tend to to pin randomly and in isolation, so in hindsight I wondered about cohesion – but upon looking at the collection I was really loving all the work I pinned.

Another board I am loving is my Functional Ceramics Board.  Again posted in isolation, they form a quirky cohesive body of contemporary innovative ceramic work. Pins range from Barry Stedman‘s  use of the ceramic surface for abstract expression through to organic porcelain lightshades.

My next favourite is my Landscape board – though not portraying traditional landscapes- they all have an abstract element to them and there are even a couple of ceramic pieces thrown in!

I also have a Portraits board, which is, as you may have guessed, is not filled with ‘traditional ‘ portraiture!

So, I could keep going on forever about my 68 boards of ‘arty’ fun! But you would become bored with reading that much info… so you should just go look at all the pretty pictures I have collected!!




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