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Hand Drawn Gift Cards

Way back in April I posted about the blank gift cards I sell on Etsy to accompany my handmade sculpture, jewellery and functional tableware – or any other gifts purchased on Etsy or anywhere…

The cards are designed on commercial card stock and feature images of my artwork, images of ephemeral artworks or original hand drawn images – not pictures of them, the actual drawings.

Many of the drawings have been inspired by my other blog which features poetry and drawings.

The cards are blank so they are ideal to compliment any gift on any occasion for any gender – as well as being a unique gift within themselves, because they are unique works of art and are frameable.

While I have sold other items in my Etsy store I have not sold any cards…. so the question begs WHY?

Are they too expensive, especially compared to some other cards on Etsy?

I guess to answer this some facts need to be stated and questions need to be answered…

  • the photography cards are all $9.50 and are limited editions
  • the drawn cards are all 11.50 and are one off
  • the photography based cards capture ephemeral artworks that no longer exist, and are in limited editions, and are hand signed
  • the drawn cards are one off never to be repeated – being hand drawn they can’t be repeated, and so are unique works of art, and are hand signed

Are these prices too expensive? I don’t think so when considering the intellectual work/property that goes into them – we think nothing of paying this amount for a mass produced card in a newsagent.

Or are they just crappy images that no-one likes? well not according to the likes, shares and treasuries that have been made from them – or is this just due to the politics of Etsy? (like me and I will like you)

So, I am going to plunge in at the deep end and ask you to vote in a poll to let me know the future of my cards…

The following images are the cards that feature  in my Etsy Shop. PS… Fathers Day is approaching… 


5 thoughts on “Hand Drawn Gift Cards

  1. What a really nice gesture! Seems more personal than going to buy a Hallmark card out of your local Walgreens. Great niche!

    Posted by Pernell The Artist | August 22, 2013, 7:50 am
  2. These would be a good item to have on-display at an Open-studio event, I think, and be for sale. Ppl are more apt to make an impulse buy than to go to Etsy to look for one. Also, I realize shipping outside Australia would be expensive for you to ‘absorb the cost’ of – so someone from Europe/US would just go to a store like Papyrus and get a limited edition handmade card for around the same cost. Personally, I like the abstract drawings cards you’ve done. Maybe blogging about the availability of these cards will open up doors for you to sell them!

    Posted by artdoesmatter | August 22, 2013, 9:20 am

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