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Macro Photography – capturing details of the ceramic surface.

While giving the computer a clean up today I came across some old images of ceramics and macro shots of the ceramic surface I had taken back in 2004 during my University Honours year, and thought I would share them.

The images are not great quality as I did not have a very good camera back then, and I didn’t know that much about photography – but you get the general idea.

Having rediscovered these images has rekindled my interest in the underlying concept of capturing the surface of ceramic in a macro image. Ceramic surfaces can be so amazingly textural, so when I go to Italy at the end of November I am planning to buy a macro lens duty free, so as to begin a new exploration into the ceramic surface. Mind you, I think I will find lots of textured archaeological surfaces to photograph in Italy as well!

The following slideshow showcases images of some ceramic works I made in 2004, they are wheelthrown pieces made of two clays marbled together. I then took some close up images, trying to capture the detail of the surface. As mentioned earlier, they are not great quality, but it a direction I will now explore further, now that I have a better knowledge of photography AND a better camera!

So, look forward to some interesting macro photography posts during December while I am in Italy!

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2 thoughts on “Macro Photography – capturing details of the ceramic surface.

  1. These are excellent. Well done! 😀

    Posted by diannegray | October 25, 2012, 6:18 am

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