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Christmas is Fast Approaching!

As the post title says “Christmas is fast approaching” and time always seems to get away from me quicker than I would like!

From a business pointy end perspective that means I have been listing new items in my Etsy shop and relisting expired listings that I had let lapse (coz of that time getting away from me thing…). These listings include jewelry, tableware, gift cards and buttons.

At the end of this post is a slideshow of some of the items I have listed and relisted recently… BUT WAIT READ THIS FIRST!

Specially for WordPress readers i have created a discount coupon code which gives you 10% off any purchase in my Etsy shop. Just enter WORDPRESS10 at checkout…woohoo!

BUT the catch is that if you want to give a handmade and unique gift this Christmas you will need to order it within the next month for two reasons:

1. To ensure pre-Christmas delivery, especially if you are international (that would be not in Australia)
2. Because I am off to Italy on the 28th November  because I have been “invited” to exhibit in Florence in December.

Number 2. is very exciting and if you would like to read more about that venture and how you can support me you can read this post.

So, apart from the business pointy end, I will be spending Christmas and New Years in Italy! Am I excited? Just a bit…

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