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Today I ran out of (nice) visual diaries…. MASSIVE DILEMMA!!

I like to write my poems and create my instantly inspired drawings using journals that are textured and handmade and …well…nice! It inspires me! As opposed to the journals I use to sketch out art/exhibition/installation ideas.

So, it has been quite a mind f%u&c$k* (just mixing it up & being polite – I don’t really know why).

Tomorrow though I am going into town (I live regionally) so can buy a few journals – if I can find them. The last time I went to my favourite ‘hippy’ shop they were out and would not be getting some in soon…. what!! If you’ve been watching Big Brother I feel like Layla without here hair rollers!!

Anyway, today’s poetry effort, therefore, has been entered into my work diary on the days of 24-25th September – obliviously nothing going on those days!! Sheessh!!

You can check out this dismal – yet wonderful (?) entry on my poetry blog


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