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New Experiments with 2D works

Last week I had a thought to do a bit of experimenting with some two dimensional works. As some of you may know I love clay, and this muddy medium forms a large part of my art practice – sculpture, jewellery, tableware, anything really!

But I have also been getting into some drawing lately – 2D work – and I wondered how I could incorporate the two? Hmmm…

I began experimenting with placing random small slabs of clay on paper and magic! After letting the clay dry, an embossed rippled surface appeared. I was quite happy with this uncontrolled random result.

I then applied some pastel to this embossed surface, and was equally pleased! The before and after pastel above is the same image.

I think I’ll be able to get some good results with this method… these experiments were random, so it is tempting to try ‘controlled’ placement of clay… but do I want to have full control? Perhaps not…


2 thoughts on “New Experiments with 2D works

  1. Very interesting textures…the results remind me of a 3D map of the earth’s surface. Great work!

    Posted by MegansBeadedDesigns | August 16, 2012, 1:47 am

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