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Family Ceramics Classes

Easter Sunday: A Family wanting something different to do with the day… a variation on spending time together – a ceramic session!! yaya!!

This is a great activity for families – young or old – to spend some quality time together. Being creative stimulates conversation, feelings and bonding… art is a great way to reconnect.

This family spent two hours creating, had a one hour picnic lunch break ( the studio is on a beautiful 10 acre property) , then a one hour period decorating their artworks with coloured slip…

The group had limited exposure to ceramics, so I provided a wheelthrowing demonstration and tuition in decorative techniques, and future creative outcomes.

A great fun time was had by all!!

(PS: creative workshops like this are great for corporate team building, art therapy workshops and differently abled people – contact me for any customised workshops you may envisage.)

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