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UNIQUE CHRISTMAS GIFTS: you can purchase limited edition fine art prints and gift cards featuring my ceramic sculptures from my online Facebook store.

More gift options are available from my Fineart America profile, and I am also available for personalised orders and commissions.

Oder NOW in time for Christmas :-))

The images shown below are of an artwork Lava Rock that has been acquired in the Gangjin Celedon Museum Gangjin, South Korea. The detail image is available as a gift card or fine art print. There are many more on the links provided above. If you see a sculpture or texture that is not available let me know and I can create it as a print or card.

All Prints and cards are LIMITED EDITION.

Sorry to go all commercial on you, but as an artist I’d rather sell art than get a 9-5 in an office!!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING 🙂 (of course they are also great for birthdays, anniversarys, etc)


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