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Earth & Sky Exhibition: Slideshow

The following slideshow feature images from the exhibition Earth & Sky at Gallery on Sturt, Ballarat with Strobe Driver.

My artwork featured sculptural ceramic that work to interact and change the nature of the space they occupy. Made of clay, these sculptures also recall their origins within the Earth and the textured and organic glazed surfaces heighten this connection. It is hoped these notions rekindle an awareness in the viewer that they too are from the Earth, and just as the sculpture occupies and changes space so too do humans. These sculptures, therefore, being a portrayal of the natural surroundings, serve to prompt a reaction in the viewer, encouraging a healing of their disenfranchised relationship with the environment.

In the current eco-political climate it is important to re-awaken humanities natural embedment and connection with the Earth, as this will enable people to view the environment not as the ‘other’, but as an integral part of themselves.

Stobe’s photographic artworks attempt to explore the abstract notions of travel and the feelings that are encountered when traveling: specifically the feelings of being neither ‘here’ nor ‘there’ and the space in between.  His use of negative space in his photos is intended to offer the viewer perceptions of distance and solitude which he believes we all experience when we travel.

The selection of photos featured in this exhibition are a compilation of the many locations he has visited over the last few years.

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