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Latest from the studio: Exhibition update

Slow but steady with the injured finger. So these works are still “works in progress” but with doing a balance construction rig-up I can now see them beginning to take shape, at last!!… So now that I think the assemblages will work I can now fix them  permanently. The exhibition is due to open next Monday, opening night next Wednesday, installation this Saturday… today is Thursday!! … hmmmmm. Still have the pit firing to do which began this whole finger injury debacle, which I am planning to do tomorrow (even though the stitches are still in: have no choice!).  So the time line is cut very finely!! However, I do feel a bit more confidetn now that it will all fall into place… the firings have gone well, so that’s half the battle…

Will post photos of completed works, and other works in progress, as they evolve in the next two days (yikes!)…


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